Stephen Blews

Delivery Manager for Sport

About your role at 3aaa

As the Delivery Manager for Sport I am responsible for the overall success of our programmes involving professional sporting bodies and clubs. My role at 3aaa allows me to be involved in the end to end process of the Apprenticeship Levy, initially discussing with clients opportunities to develop talent within their organisation and right the way through to the delegates achieving industry-leading qualifications.

I am responsible for ensuring programmes are rolled out effectively. This is done through strategic planning of workshops with clients to ensure that key business development areas are brought to life. My role also includes ensuring that all delegates have a dedicated mentor and training plan along with monthly reviews of progress with my team of coaches and trainers. This allows me to keep clients up to date with individual progress and feedback from delegates.

My main objective is to provide value for both clients and delegates that leads 3aaa to be the go-to provider for staff development within sport.

Your Background Prior to 3aaa

As a budding young Goalkeeper, my dreams of having a career in professional football were cut short through injury. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work for Barclays Bank PLC. Having spent the best part of 14 years there, I had fantastic opportunities to develop my skills in a demanding industry, these include personal and business banking, customer service, complaints handling and management.

Following redundancy, I went to college to enable me to teach. I worked for an education provider that predominately worked with disadvantaged young people, this is where my love for education started, seeing someone achieve qualifications that they never thought were possible is one of the most rewarding things you can see. I soon moved into the leadership and management team, where I oversaw education lifecycles of both study programme and SEN programmes.

I moved to 3aaa as I felt it was a perfect fit for my passion for sport and education.

How your role and skills enhance our service and add value to our partnering clients?

Having a close working relationship with my clients helps us identify training and development needs of their people. This allows my team to create training programmes which develop delegate capability in line with client strategy. Our bespoke programmes coupled with our highly skilled trainers and mentors ensure that our partners get value through highly skilled delegates. My passion for sport and education means that I am dedicated to our clients to support them through our unique programmes and to deliver the best value programmes in the industry.

What are your interests outside of work?

It probably won’t be any surprise that my passion is sport, literally anything to do with sport and we’re on to a winner. Whether it be Football, Cricket or Netball Super League it will be on the TV in my house. I have played cricket for the past 20 years, currently plying my swing bowling in the Staffs Club’s Premier Division. Outside of sport and work I have 2 beautiful daughters that keep me very busy, you can often find me tapping my toes at the back of my daughter’s dance class.

3 words that best describe you:

  • Hard Working
  • Fun
  • Ambitious