Thursday 19th October 2017

Up-skill your workforce today with our Customer Service and Team Leader programmes

For the vast majority of businesses and organisations in the world, it is vital that excellent customer service is at the heart of your business model and that your managers are equipped with the skills to manage your talented workforce effectively.

At 3aaa, we offer our industry leading Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner and Level 3 Team Leader programmes at various locations across the country. These new, job role relevant Apprenticeship standards are delivered by our industry experts and allow your workforce to gain the specific skills that you require, whilst also integrating your key business messages, mission and values.

With a combined UK workforce of over 31.8 million, many individuals are not specifically qualified in the tasks that they carry out on a day to day basis. Our programmes give your workforce Ofsted Outstanding training, complimented by workplace mentoring and technical skills and knowledge, delivered through workshops in six of our state-of-the-art training academies.

Our Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner programme allows your employees to stay ahead of the game by equipping them with the skills to help improve your customer satisfaction and retention, vital components of any business. The skills gained from the programme will teach your employees how to present a positive brand perception for your organisation and encourage business growth throughout the organisation. In addition to this, investing in your workforce will also increase your employee loyalty, whilst helping to develop a learning culture within your organisation.

Our Level 3 Team Leader programme will help to develop your existing managers, giving them vital skills such as leaderships, project management, budget management and much more, allowing them to manage their teams more effectively. Your managers and team leaders will learn how to mentor and develop their team, ensuring that you have a more motivated, organised and productive workforce.

We currently deliver these industry leading programmes within the following 3aaa academies: Birmingham, Chelmsford, Derby, Liverpool, Milton Keynes and Watford.

Contact us today to up-skill and transform your workforce as there is limited availability across all six locations! Contact Clare Baker by e-mailing or call 07471 357 370.

3aaa Apprenticeships are an outstanding training provider of Apprenticeships across England, specialising in the delivery of Professional Services Apprenticeship Standards. We are a national company offering a personalised, local service in 38 locations across England, looking to change the lives of people through our work with partnering employers.

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