Tuesday 4th September 2018

The importance of Customer Service in the Further Education Space

The question of “how to deliver excellence in Customer Service” is one that every business must ask itself. The marketplace is always changing and so is its customers. By understanding that these goal posts and expectations continuously move, we ensure that 3aaa remains in touch with its customers and can listen to their needs.

Being the first sole training provider within the Further Education (FE) marketplace to receive the accreditation for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ is a true testament to 3aaa’s strong beliefs and values in customer service, ensuring we provide the very best for our customers. Every day we provide new and exciting opportunities to our learners and offer all of our employers the support, information and guidance to fully utilise and experience the benefits of recruiting apprentices within their workforce. 3aaa continues to set the benchmark for Customer Service and is proud of its continued hard work in achieving excellence, providing our customers with the very best and setting us apart from all within the sector.

At 3aaa, we gain comprehensive knowledge of our customers’ requirements by welcoming any and all feedback. Our dedicated Customer Service Team act as an independent department, collating and evaluating customer feedback that is used to identify local problems and shaping the delivery of future content, styles and techniques. The feedback collected is used to provoke regular discussions by senior management, celebrating our achievements, whilst developing and driving the quality of our service and sharing best practice across our extensive network.

Our services are accessible through a variety of contact channels allowing our employers, apprentices and other stakeholders to speak to us anytime throughout their journey. They are able to easily navigate and find comprehensive information on all of our services via the website and with the introduction of live chat, we have been able to proactively support them in finding the information they need whilst elaborating on the information or discussing any questions. What makes this sector unique is the vast number of different customers that we provide our services to; this can vary from partnering employers, apprentices, referral partners and parents.

As an organisation, we have recently been awarded Excellence in Customer Service by the Centre for Assessment (CfA), endorsing this relentless approach to putting our customers first. We are continuously striving to improve our service, firmly placing the customer at the heart of everything that we do. I am delighted that our enthusiastic commitment to providing Excellence in Customer Service has been recognised and is celebrated in achieving this award.

Working for 3aaa, I witness the pride, commitment and drive demonstrated by my colleagues every day. Each member of the team works towards the same goal and this ensures that our customers’ experience is always of the highest standard.

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with the team, please contact customerservices@3aaa.co.uk or call 01332 880 515 and select option 1.

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