Tuesday 24th July 2018

Why is the Digital Sector bucking the trend in Apprenticeship starts?

The digital sector continues to expand exponentially as the pace of new technologies and digital transformations surpass all expectations and show no signs of easing. Given UK investment in new technology and that the digital sector is 50% higher than any other European country, it’s no surprise that demand for skills and experience continue to grow at unprecedented levels.

Today everyone needs digital skills. Over 90% of all jobs require digital skills, ranging from basic literacy to the advanced knowledge, required to shape our futures. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and automation will all dominate and shape the future IT landscape and in response a whole range of new digital Apprenticeship Standards have been released to meet these demands.

“We have worked in the IT and digital sectors for over a decade now and the demand we are seeing for skills around new technologies is higher than ever. Data Analysis, Software, IS Automation, Change Management and Cyber Security training are all skills in high demand, in addition to the usual apprenticeships in IT hardware, infrastructure and cloud computing. All businesses, regardless of size, are looking for new talent or to upskill existing staff to strengthen their business in these areas and to ensure they are prepared for future growth” explains Richard Irons, managing director, 3aaa Apprenticeships.

Richard continues “There are so many new technologies that are coming onto the market making business processes evermore digitalised, meaning digital skills are the only way companies can stay competitive and future proof their strategies. Digital programmes are bucking the trend when it comes to year on year apprenticeship starts, which is why we have recently expanded our portfolio to cover the whole technology spectrum – Infrastructure, Data Analyst, Software Developer, Cyber Security and IS Business Analyst pathways across Levels 3 and 4.

It isn’t just the digital and technology sectors that require digital skills though, the same principles apply to SMEs with 45% of small businesses unable to find qualified applicants to fulfil their positions. It is about understanding the wider benefits of using digital skills across all business areas of all sizes”.

With 96% of SMEs reporting the benefits of hiring an apprentice and the demand for digital skills growing at such a rate, why wouldn’t businesses consider Apprenticeships as a strategic approach to talent acquisition and digital skills development?

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