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We help many young people each year to start their career with an apprenticeship. Many of the candidates we meet aren’t always sure if an apprenticeship is right for them. At 3aaa we offer impartial advice to help you make the right decision for your career. This page and our upcoming ‘Results Day Events’ will give you plenty of information on how to find the right apprenticeship for you and how we can support you with your search. Still not 100% sure? Why not register to attend one of our events in August? Let our dedicated teams in each of our 36 academies help you make the right steps, 1st time.

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We enjoy meeting potential apprentices, employers and partners which is why we are running Exam Results Day events across the country at our 36 academies. Find the nearest Exam Results event to you and see what career options are open to you.

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There are a number of education options available for people looking to start their career but don’t want to stay in traditional education. University is no longer viewed as the only route to a successful career and Apprenticeships are experiencing a surge in popularity. Here at 3aaa Apprenticeships, we focus on the professional services industry and specialise in IT, Digital Marketing, Accountancy and Customer Service.

Apprenticeships are a great way for people to gain a qualification in their chosen career whilst also earning money at the same time.

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When it comes to starting an Apprenticeship, it can be a daunting time, especially as, for many people this could be the first step of your professional career. This is why we have experts in each of our 36 academies across the country to help you. We will help you to find the right roles for you, show you how to prepare a successful CV and develop workshop interview techniques. All of this is part of the service 3aaa Apprenticeships provide.

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Why I Chose an Apprenticeship

Real people, real life experiences.

View some of our Apprentice’s experiences of their Apprenticeship first hand. These are real people talking about how an apprenticeship helped them get in to a career that they love.

Accountancy Apprentice

Beth Naqwi

Marketing Apprentice

Jack Grimshaw

Marketing Apprentice

Alex Head

Marketing Apprentice

Bethany Fry

Software Apprentice

Hayden Leach

Infrastructure Apprentice

Carter Norman

Infrastructure Apprentice

Jordan Houghton

Infrastructure Apprentice

Owen Burrows

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What age do you have to be to do an apprenticeship?

A. You can be any age to apply for an apprenticeship! We are myth busting the idea that you have to be under 21 to become an apprentice. You can become an apprentice at any age or time, whether you are in employment and want to up-skill, or if you want to choose an apprenticeship to start you on your desired career path.

Q. What grades do you need to have to be able to apply?

A. The grades required depend on which level of apprenticeship you are applying for. Here are the entry requirements for our levels 2-4 apprenticeships.

Q. Does it matter that I have a degree? Can I still apply?

A. So long as your degree is in an unrelated topic to the programme you are applying for this is absolutely fine. If you are unsure about your previous qualifications contact your local academy and we can answer this for you on an individual basis.

Q. My friend thinks apprenticeships are only for people who drop out of school/college, or don’t get into uni, is this right?

A. No! This is another myth that we are busting! Apprenticeships, like university, are a valid option for you to continue with your education. The main difference is that with an apprenticeship, you will be learning whilst also working in a job, which we help you find.

Q. I have just finished my level 3 apprenticeship and want to know what options there are for me?

A. There are a lot of options! You can progress onto a level 4 in your programme or could choose a different field of study. Your mentor will talk you through all the available options as you work through your level 3 apprenticeship.

Q. What programmes do you offer apprenticeships in?

A. We offer a variety of programmes in digital industries and professional service. Here is a full list of our programmes.

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If you have a question which isn’t listed above, or if you want more information regarding Apprenticeships, we have a dedicated customer service team who will happily help with any question you may have. Feel free to contact us.

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We provide a full range of Apprenticeships in Technology, Marketing, Accounting and much more. We offer different levels of Apprenticeships making 3aaa the best place to start and progress your career. See our full range of programmes here.

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